Gold Membership

Rafu Gold Membership is the 3rd Level after Gold and Silver within the Rafu Loyalty program and comes with the following perks:

3-5% discount on

5-10% discount on

One Free Delivery outside the Free Delivery zone(s), very Month.

For clients within the free delivery zone, this service can be used to purchase gifts for your loved ones in other parts of the country

VIP Book Request/Courier Service

In case you need to purchase a book/item not on either of our sites, we shall purchase it and deliver to you at the same cost with minimal convenience fee of only Ks. 90/-


You will earn Double Points

Redeem Points for Items on either and

How to be a gold member

  1. 500 points by end February 2020. Point requirement to rise by 100 points every month
  2. Single Purchase of 15k and above
  3. 3 purchases of 5k and above within a 3 month period
  4. 8 different purchases of more than 1k in a 3 month period
  5. At least 3 purchases on rafu but with significant sharing on social media(Twitter, IG & FB). This upgrade is at the discretion of rafu mgt
  6. Outright puchase the membership at Kes 990/-Introductory price)

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